We are a premier outsourcing organization
stationed both in the Philippines and the United States

Our reputation is rapidly climbing to the top echelons of global call centers, due mainly to our personalized approach to every client’s unique requirements

FAFS is a Business Process and Contact Center Outsourcing provider with international presence around the globe. We are a company that can adapt quickly and successfully to any service requirements via telephone, web, fax, email, and SMS.

FAFS takes great pride in providing global business process (BPO) and Contact Center outsourcing to a variety of market segments. We combine industry knowledge and expertise with solid execution, providing clients with real business solutions for every stage of a customer’s life-cycle.

Our global footprint, state-of-the-art technologies and experienced management enables us to continuously outperform industry standards. Our efficient approach lowers client’s costs through metrics, results being faster handle times, higher call success rates, improved sales conversions and customer satisfaction scores.

FAFS’s mission is to provide clear, concise and accurate solutions, outstanding customer service and dynamic business operations platforms for established and emerging companies. By instilling a combination of commitment and ethics to produce superior results, a demand of excellence from our highly trained, motivated staff, and dedication to exploring new and innovative solutions, FAFS continues solidifying its position as an BPO industry leader.