Weekly Calibration

FAFS understands the value of calibrating and setting department, Client and company goals. These calibrations are imperative in keeping up with today’s ever-chaing competitive market.
Weekly Client Calibration
Weekly Calibrations happens from the top and they continue thru each department. FAFS Corp believes in calibrations with it’s clients is Key in understanding and knowing what the long term goals are for their standing partners. These goals and feedback are prepared and put into goals and procedures thru the company. Weekly calibrations are then transmitted thru the client managers to the Quality Teams and Management.
Sprint Goals
We plan and execute our goals, using a sprint goal method. During any of our company’s projection meetings, the client or client manger describes the highest priority points to the team for that campaign. The team collects enough data and information to roll out an effective plan in a sprint goal form. These short term task are written collaboratively by the team and the client managers to achieve the results effectively and timely.
SLA (Service Level Agreements)
At FAFS, your Service Level Agreement sets the pace for your business goals. We will begin by having a calibration of client manager and vertical experts discuss your needs then identify your immediate business goals and work out a plan on how we can achieve them. We start with your SLA blueprint, mapping out a strategic action plans for success and then provide you with a detailed proposal that details milestones and how we will achieve at each in the process. Why because we are that good!
Agent Evaluation Calibrations
A calibration of Agent evaluations based on industry standards is of key importance for each of our campaigns to maintain their effectiveness. Calibrating the quality of agent’s contact handling not only supports our efficiency but helps grows customer satisfaction. More importantly it contributes ultimately to bettering the organization’s reputation and its bottom line.