Email Support

More than ever consumers expect to be given a digital support option along with the personal support options. Email support is one of the many ways you can provide Quality Customer Support within your company. But the management behind email support can be overwhelming and confusing.
Our highly trained email and chat agents provide excellent online customer support, and our efforts to keep response time dramatically low always ensures customer satisfaction. With 24 hour services in all areas of customer support, we aim to manage your campaign to ensure that you, your customers, and your business are always taken care of, working to help your company grow and build revenue around the clock.
Many make the mistake of not putting enough focus on the importance of email support and the turnaround time required. As a company’s consumer base continues to grow so does the high demand of the inbox and it can be very time consuming and confusing unless proper systems are in place.

Having email support available 24/7 can supply a quality customer care at a more affordable rate.

Canned Responses allows agents to compose quality detailed responses but in a more timely fashion saving money but still giving the care needed for each individual’s email.

Integrating a pre-existing email can be easy and fast. With multiple tiers and a web log-in interface you don’t lose sight of what’s going on.

Your business preference might be to have off shore email support and on shore support based on the consumer’s quarries. With our advance ticketing system it’s easy to open and assign tickets to the right department.