Teams and Certification

At FAFS Corp we understand that your specifications may differ from other’s based on the offer and skill set requirements. Client Managers pull from a pool of highly trained employees or resumes and create the team that will be best suited for the campaign or project specs. If desired a client is able to handpick or certify their own team members.

At Anytime you can PreScreen your Team or do Mock Call Evaluations to verify you have the correct team for your offer.

Campaign Specific Certifications
For every new project or campaign agents are required to be campaign certified. This certification is required even for our most experienced employees. After product and system training there is a series of mock call Evaluations done by our US Based Quality Team to verify that all team members understand your product and systems before representing your company.
Certification for New Hires
New hires are trained for 3-4 weeks, based on the campaign specifications before certifications. They undergo a series of different training specs to verify they are ready to be certified and are graded in the following areas.
  • Uncover and confirm customer request
  • Ability to respond , and resolve, customer needs and questions
  • Clear understanding processes and procedures, and ability to apply them
  • Establishing effective customer relationships
  • Strong sales acumen
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Cooperation with managers, peers, and especially unhappy customers
  • Capacity to effectively manage more than once project at once
  • Quickly learn new Contact Center Software and apply as necessary
  • Reading, Verbal, and Writing skills
  • Orientation towards technology
  • Business and Personal Values