Training Module

FAFS Corporation has interactive training modules that can be customized for Onsite Training or Convenient Online Interaction web Tutorials.

FAFS Corp has been helping other call centers and companies achieve their maximum goals with onsite, customized and convenient online training programs since early 2000. Our fun and effective programs will put your customer service or sales team on the right track.

Customer service and sales interactions have increased and today’s technology allows your business to handle more of them than ever before. But when your staff lacks the communication skills to efficiently handle them, the only thing you get from all that technology is the ability to serve more people poorly. That means losing customers – and profits.

Common Problems:
  • Ever Changing Marketing Strategies
  • Lack Of Understanding Consumer base
  • Loss Of Revenue Due To Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Excessive Call Times
  • Wasted Money On Inadequate, Irrelevant Or Uninspiring Training
On-Going Training:
  • Weekly Calibrations
  • Coaching results and follow-up’s
  • Weekend Pow-wow’s
  • Chargeback and Fraud Prevention Training
  • Grammar and Pronunciation
  • Score card evaluations
  • Calibrated Sprint Goals
  • FAFS Corp Management Course certifications
  • Customized Campaign specific trainings
Our Phone Technique Solution:
  • Proven Techniques That Ensure Your Company’s’ Growth and Customer Relations
  • Consistency In Customer Service And Sales Techniques Always Applied
  • Building Relationships And Customer Loyalty With Every Interaction
  • Efficient Yet Personal Customer Service And Sales Skills
  • Fun, Customized And Targeted Training By Our Knowledgeable, Energetic And Inspiring Trainers
Training Tools:
  • Onsite and Virtual Training
  • Role Playing
  • Interactive video’s
  • Building Relationships And Customer Loyalty With Every Interaction
  • Games and Exercises
  • Exams and Certifications