Call Analytics

At Fafs we understand that having a set of management tools to optimize the handling and support offered by our team can not only help profitability but also increase our overall quality. In addition easy web-based call analytics allows us to determine the overall performance in a quick and efficient fashion.
Our detailed call analytics provide our operational assistance and partners to maximize their return on investment (ROI).
Our specialized call analytics include real-time, highly responsive tools used to monitor call employee performance, ensure optimum service levels, and offer immediate and constructive feedback to agents. Our analytic’s team helps our call center managers provide a consistent level of service, minimize hold times, manage call queues, and match the most appropriate representative to the caller based on skills and experience.

For our performance-based teams, the analytics are used to measure and guide the performance of agents and representatives. This allows our team and our partners keep na eye on the overall performance of the entire center when it comes to:

  • Call resolution
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Average call duration
  • Costs
CRM Integration Creates Easy Reporting
Find out today how we can help you integrate your customer relationship management (CRM) tools with our support systems.
IVR Options can Give Clear Conclusions
Having IVR options can give you a clear conclusion of why people are calling or how to better assist your potential clients.
Customer Support Detailed Statistics Available
We can offer detailed reporting options either standard or customizable. These can be emailed to your inbox for connivance.
Improve your Services
Call analytics are used to improve service quality, minimize risk, optimize resource allocations, and reduce operating expenses.
Sales Call Analytics and Lead Sources

Call analytics are an essential component for our sales teams for conversion. They are also used to assess the best performing lead sources and the best way to maximize the time management of each lead. Our call analytics can be used to capture lead details such as:

  • IVR responses
  • Call duration
  • Keyword source
  • Calls per keyword
  • Conversion rate
  • Termination Summaries