Inbound Sales

The best way to optimize your marketing dollar is to partner with an eager, enthusiastic professional inbound sales call center

Allow our experienced team to help you generate additional inbound calls

  • Social Media Sites
  • Email marketing
  • Webinars
  • Search Marketing
  • TV/ Radio/ Print Ads
  • Direct Mail
  • Tradeshows
We offer key components in generating inbound sales leads

1. Content Strategy: A strategic and well-researched content strategy is the core of any inbound marketing game plan. We can help you develop this strategy by determining which key phrases your customers are searching for. This tells us what concerns and questions they need answered before they’ll be ready to buy.

2. Blogging: Our experienced team of bloggers can create new blog posts based around your content strategy so you’re always able to attract new leads. These posts serve to educate your audience and answer their questions about your product or service.

3. Calls-to-Action: We can create enticing offers and graphics that provide your potential customers with something of value (free Ebook, coupon, etc.) in exchange for their contact information. If it succeeds at tempting your potential customers, they’ll click through to a page where the exchange will take place.

4. Landing Pages: The landing page is the bridge that converts traffic into qualified sales leads and when the exchange of information to take place. It’s important that leads know exactly what to do once they arrive on a landing page so the exchange of the giveaway for contact information can take place smoothly.

5. Forms: Forms make this exchange easy and are the primary way to get the lead’s contact information. Your lead should be able to quickly fill out a form and immediately get the offer your brand is providing.

6. Email Marketing Automation: What separates a lead from a customer? Trust and communication. Understanding your customers’ needs and points of hesitancy allows you to identify what additional information is needed to convert that lead into a customer. Once identified, you can create targeted lead nurturing emails with informative content to get your leads sales ready