Live Transfer

The benefits of Live Transfer capabilities are Endless. No matter your situation you can see better retention, better service and better ROI when you offer transfer options to your leads or customers.

Imagine if you could increase your profitability, efficiency, and customer service all at the same time. Well now you can with by adding this channel to your marketing strategy.

  • 78% of all sales go to the first company that speaks to the prospect—with Live Transfers you’re always 1st 100% of the time!
  • Allow an off center solution to filter your leads then Connect with prospects at the moment they are interested.
  • 100% Contact rate-we don’t send emailed or paper leads. We can transfer an interested prospect live by phone

A customer-driven contact increases your closing percentages enormously. Adding Live Transfer Leads to a sound and diversified marketing plan has been proven to produce a better ROI than traditional “internet leads” alone.

  • Live Transfers are inbound calls that convert over 10 times higher than clicks!
  • 70% of mobile searchers used click to call to connect directly with businesses. Mobile search will generate more than 73 billion calls by 2018!
  • Live Transfers marketing expenditures are maximized with ZERO WASTE due to our 100% Contact Rate!
  • 61% of businesses rate their Live Transfers as an excellent source of leads higher than any other lead source!
  • Studies show that if you’re not first, you’re last!
  • Connecting with an interested prospect within 1 minute can increase conversions by 391%!