Order Taking
order taking is a multi-billion dollar industry and is the most popular inbound telemarketing application there is

Order taking can be used to close the sale for virtually every product and service available today. When choosing an inbound telemarketing company for your order taking, you want a call center that has a low ring time, a low hold time, and a low abandonment rate.

experience order taking agents available today to maximize your conversion!
  • Snail Mail Drops
    Mailing post cards or inserts is still one of the best ways to maximize your leads and convert high ticket sales.
  • Inbound Radio
    Radio calls can be hard to manage. Allow our experienced Team to assist you in managing your call spikes and overflow calls.
  • Click to Call
    Easy integration available allowing customers to call straight from an email or website to your number.
  • Infomercials
    Need 24/7 support for your infomercial volume? No problem we can assist you with high successful conversions.
we can also do
  • Live Transfers
    Allow our IVR service or our live agents to pre-qualify and verify information before we transfer the order.
  • Message Blasting
    Message Blasting is a great way to manage a large amount of leads and verify you get the right chap on the phone.
  • Call-less Voice mail
    Leave a voice mail without the phone ringing and create a high conversion inbound sale.
  • Lead Generation
    Contact us today to learn how to generate even more leads with a simple verification or survey.
order taking process
  • Pre-Sales Support:
    When your customers contact you about placing an order, they may have product questions, questions about return policies, or other information that is not available on your website or catalog.
  • Post Sales Support:
    We can handle your customer service, customer loyalty, help desk, and returns processing on your behalf. As long as the information is accessible via your website, we can offer your customers the support they need.
  • Facilitate Repeat Purchases:
    Because we re here 24/7 and really work to learn about your product, we help grow your brand each time the phone rings. This helps increase customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Enhanced Communications:
    Order taking doesn’t just happen over the telephone. We can open up new communication channels like live web chat and we can respond to client emails 24/7.
  • Converting Customers:
    One thing we know is how to convert callers into customers. We are trained on your account before answering your calls and understand your product line enough to give callers knowledgeable answers to their questions thus helping convert them into customers.
CRM integration
Easy CRM integration available, contact us today we can assist you in finding the best solution for your continuous company growth.