Us Client Managers

Client managers take customer service to the highest level. They build relationships with major clients on behalf of financial and software companies and act as their guide and advocate in every interaction with the business. Client managers educate a client about what their business offers, sell their products and services and manage the work that the organization provides for a client. Performs the day-to-day service of client, Responsible for the daily management of the account including marketing, renewals, complex service issues, enrollment meetings, and liaison to HR for rate, benefit and contract questions. The Client Manager works under the direction of a Client Advocate and Account Executive.

If you’re a Client Manager, you work with people from all backgrounds. It’s your job to know what your client hopes to do with their money, and then match that with the services the bank can offer. You create options for clients detailing the services they can buy from the bank so they can reach their financial goals. These services might include things like loans, investment options, or lines of credit.

Whatever you suggest, you always want to be a trusted advisor for your clients, someone they could call or email with any financial questions they might have. You need to stay aware of any new services the bank might offer, or any problems your clients might face, making sure to know of things like market dips or personal emergencies. Before you could maintain client relationships, you first have to make them. You might find clients by making follow-up phone calls to sales leads that Bank Tellers have found, or sending information on possible bank services to potential clients who are interested in what you would do with their money. You give presentations meet with current bank clients who are looking for more options, and trade shows – anything you can do to find new clients to manage.

Client Manager Job Duties:

The main purpose of the client manager’s work is to help the business meet sales and revenue goals, they must design plans to achieve these goals and create strategies to combat potential revenue losses. Client managers may be required to travel, sometimes internationally, to meet with clients. They must also perform research to identify new potential clients, may create presentations to inform potential or existing clients about their company’s products or services. They must ensure that clients are satisfied with the company at all times and will bring in repeated business by resolving any outstanding issues. They also need to inform their company of new contacts and new marketing opportunities.

General Responsibilities:

Resolve day-to-day services issues, including eligibility, billing and claim issues
Maintain client relationships with Manager – and Director – level personnel (Director-HR, etc.)
Prepare annual Client Advocacy Report
Provide consistent client service and answer client policy and coverage questions

Clients Manager Requirements

Many, but not all employers require client managers to have a bachelor’s degree in business, computer information systems or related field, as well as previous work experience in sales, business development, customer service or management. Job candidates should have demonstrated abilities to exceed target revenue calls, provide excellent customer service, build long-term relationships and work in a team-oriented environment. Client managers should have knowledge of, or experience working, in the industry of the company with which they wish to work, such as finance technology. Client managers should have strong communication and negotiation skills, as wells as solid presentation skills,