Quality is the cornerstone of our
business structure

Having high quality standards is what sets us apart from our competitors

FAFS’s original business model and cliental work was financially driven, this mandated the company’s core structure to include the highest quality standards. These High Standards continued to grow with the company as each department expanded. Having High Quality Standards is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Audit Team

The FAFS Corp Audit Team specializes in Auditing crm transactions along with reporting and special cliental projects. This team is trained to pay attention to the details. They verify that all steps required for each service is handled correctly. No detail is too small, and no stone is untouched when it comes to standards of operation in their team.

Weekly Calibrations

We believe weekly calibrations are Key in understanding and knowing what the long term goals are for our standing partners. Weekly goals and the feedback are prepared and put into goals and procedures thru the company. Weekly calibrations are then transmitted thru the client managers to the Quality Teams and Management.

FAFS Corp believes in having a training structure for all employees. Weekly, monthly and annual retraining is conducted thru-out the company. Special Client trainings are conducted on the weekend covering specific needs required for each client. This allows the team of Client managers and quality evaluators time to verify that each employee is given the correct specific directions to any updates and goals.

You will find that all the training courses focus on critical areas to improve service levels, increasing employee engagement, optimizing operations, and raising the overall value of the products we represent. We are constantly updating and fine tuning our training to keep pace with the trends and challenges in the industry. Our training courses reflect the most current best practices and research.

3rd Party Quality Service
Due to high demand, we have taken our successful internal quality and auditioning structure and have offered this as a service to clients. Our diligent and highly trained quality team has successfully turned around problematic marketing schemes’, has developed and maintained a strong ethical sales teams and is always prepared to find a workable marketing solution.
More and more companies are finding the value of allowing a 3rd party maintain their quality service level.

  • Listen to: 100% – 80% – 50% – 25% – 10% of your recorded sales overnight, before you send to shipping or billing.
  • Live Monitor or spot check marketing centres and teams.
  • Data Verification on any files prior to paying for.

We can listen to your sales calls and verify they are meeting your quality standards before they are sent for billing or shipping.

QE Team

FAFS Corp. has a dedicated quality team who listens, grades and verifies we meet and exceed our client’s quality standards. These quality team services are included as a company standard for all of our services.

All members of the company are focused on motivating employees to step up to a higher quality standard. Each team is given individual goals to reach higher standards of service thru weekly and monthly evaluations and score cards. These scores determine the employee’s standing and benefits.

Custom feedback and quality guidelines can also be accommodated, allowing you to receive and review the reporting and customer feedback at a glance.

Reporting Team

Having high standards in quality demands a high standard of detailed reporting options. Service level standards or bench mark requirements are set and are plugged into our tired system which allows us to see daily or in real time a level preformed.

Customized reporting helps our dedicated quality team know how and where we need to focus our training and coaching. As calls are evaluated items are flagged based on areas of concern. Not only are employees coached based on each unique call and grade, but employees are also managed by trends of coaching needs. This allows the Coaching Team to do trainings and re-trainings specific for their area of concerns