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FAFS provides an outstanding customer experience using tailored support services for each and every customer

Providing outstanding call center services since 2002, we are proud to own and operate two US-managed call centers in both the United States and the Philippines. We are a full inbound and outbound call center, supporting clients from logistic companies to online service and product providers. Through BPO outsourcing, our team combines industry knowledge and expertise with strategic planning to provide clients with cost-effective real business solutions at every stage of a customer’s life cycle.


US Support

FAFS provides an outstanding customer experience using tailored support services for each and every customer. Our commitment to delivering the most innovative and reliable solutions starts from the way we’ve designed our industry proven platform and extends to how we ensure that each customer receives maximum value and superior business results.

Offshore Support

With a branch located offshore, the expertise and talent of Filipino agents are readily available. Our highly trained agents combined with efficient operation management and call center technology allows our clients a wide array of effective telemarketing and outbound solutions at an affordable price.

Pick a tailored customer support suited for your companies needs.
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Your business depends on quality customer support. Literally the standard of your company depends on the service levels offered to your customers. Email support is one of the many areas where quality matters, it’s critical that your back office runs efficiently and optimally. With our email support system, we can help to ensure that it does with quality, timely responses and tiered level options.


A Live Chat customer support is becoming a standard requirement for companies who want to have quality support. More and more consumers are expecting to have multiple contact options when working with companies. Plus interacting with your customer while on your website allows potential or existing customers to ask questions which can lead to additional sales!



FAFS Corp is a full service outbound call center with a predictive/ progressive dialer system and a integrated customer relationship management (CRM) systems, allowing us to enhance productivity. We can provide a solution to any of your outbound needs. Our systems offer multiple automated dialing solutions so you can choose the technology that aligns best with your environment and goals. Sales, marketing, non-profit agencies and collections organizations of all sizes have experienced productivity gains by using our successful marketing team.

Order Confirmation

Call you customer within minutes of a sale to receive confirmation of a quality lead. We can integrate directly from your Customer management system to maximize productivity. The Best part is you can learn within minutes of affiliate Fraud with our Affiliate Fraud protection Order confirmation Experience.

Lead Qualification

Our Lead Qualification Service handles the burden of qualifying large volumes of leads, so you quickly understand which ones are worth your team’s time and attention, saving your money and keeping your sales team focused. We can provide quality live transfers or schedule appointments.

Partial Monetization

We can add to your Bottom line and Lower CPA’s!!! Our proactive outbound operators can call your customers immediately after leaving your website, resolve any consumer doubts or concerns, and finish completing a successful order. With fast and easy integrations to create a 1 hour call turn around to maximize conversions.


We provide consumer, market and employee research to improve your business. Enjoy expert survey consulting to help you make the right decisions so you can take action with confidence. We will manage your survey project from start to finish, adding value at every step. Take advantage of our customizable survey design and detail reporting using data analysis that actually works.

Business to Business

We have become the direct marketing firm of choice for companies with complex products and services being marketed to high level decision makers. Our direct marketing solutions help our clients increase sales through strategically designed lead generation programs. Whether the outbound calling program is to generate and qualify new prospects, enhance customer relationships, conduct marketing surveys or invite participants to events. Find out today how our creative and powerful B2B marketing team can help you with your B2B approach.


Our professionally trained staff will handle your incoming calls to your specifications—day or night. No matter what your needs may be from basic answering services to order processing allow our experienced team handle those calls, saving you time and money .

Click to Call

Drive traffic direct from your website by using a Click to Call option, pulling your Phone number in your Google listing and your Text Ad’s and Banners will Drive free inbound Traffic.


We can help manage high volume spike times or if preferred just take your overflow calls, so no potential consumer is on hold. Contact us today to find out more.

Direct Mail

Direct mail can be a huge success if your conversions goals are met. All FAFS employees are motivated with their eye on successful conversions. This allows you to verify that your cost and profit numbers are met.


Listening 100% on Calls

Our sales verification team are trained on both inbound and outbound sales generation, and can listen to 100% of your sales to check for compliance, quality, and fraud prevention before even billing a credit card, making sure you never get a bad sale again!

12h Turn Around

With our solution, we offer a 12 hour turn around and full reporting on passes, or fails, of all phone acquired sales the very next day. By doing this, we protect our clients offering the top of the line defense, helping you achieve greater success in the market place.


Not all chargeback’s are fraud. Let us help you claim back your chargeback’s by 50-70% in lost revenue. We have mastered the success in responding to chargeback’s which has increased our credit standing with our processors and banks. Let us help you establish a quality relationship with your merchants and win back that lost income.



An innovative and well designed website can enhance your brand image. Our design team can create an attractive website for you with informational architecture that is easy to navigate. We offer the most up to date marketing techniques and successful SEO practices which will optimize your website and traffic.

Landing Page Creation

Landing page designs are critical for marketing successful conversions. We can verify that you receive a page that not only works, but brands your product the way you want too. We understand the importance of Quality and Conversion. Our top designers can help your design and help you meet your affiliate requirements. Contact us today and find out how we can help you with all your marketing needs, allowing you to have a one stop solution.


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Skincare landing page
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CRM Integration

FAFS has a long history of working hand in hand with all the major CRM companies. We can help you integrate new or pre-existing systems or sites into successful and safe CRM practices.


Working with Your Fulfillment Company

Understanding that a successful customer support does start and end with a single phone call or chat is critical. We work hand in hand with your fulfilment providers to verify that customers and files are being managed correctly. Let us worry about your returns, we can verify files are processed and managed in a timely and correctly.